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Common mistakes related to organizing stuff in your small closet

There are several organization mistakes committed by individuals while using small closets. We are here to offer some tips on how to avoid these errors.

Well, our first advice would be to get a new one, perhaps a custom closet, which offers ample storage. If you want to use your existing closet, then avoid these mistakes.

Using wrong hangers

 Avoid hangers with different sizes, styles, and shapes, as they can interfere with your organizing plans. It is not necessary that every hanger should be of exactly the same size, but the size and shape should be comparable. A basic hanger, which has a bar, is ideal for blouses, skirts, and pants.

Having multiple organization products

No doubt bins and storage boxes help in organizing the closet, but their overuse is never advisable. They also consume a reasonable space. Large racks and shelving units will interfere with your storage. It is a good idea to go for small belt holder and flat shelf dividers.

Not arranging systematically

There is a misconception that finding the stuff is easier when the closet is small. But, in reality, finding your clothes becomes a challenging task when they are packed tightly in a small closet. A good idea is to arrange them by color or type (like shirts, jackets, etc.).

Not getting rid of old stuff

Sell it, donate it, or recycle it; there are multiple ways to get rid of those old, unwanted clothes. Not only will you get more space but you can also get some cash in hand. If you like donating, you will get a sense of satisfaction.

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