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Custom closet means flexibility!

Our lifestyle changes rapidly. This directly impacts the choices we make stuff in our homes. It is evident that change in tastes requires you to alter the décor and furniture of your home. Buying new furniture is not always the feasible option. If you are using custom closets, you don’t have to purchase new ones after some time, as you can modify them according to changing needs. The unique design from LifeSpan makes it very easy to hang the closets.

You also get flexibility in terms of installation. This is, at least, true for closets from LifeSpan. The patent-pending system lets every individual install it very easily. You can screw the wedgerail hanging system into the existing studs. What else you want to do completely depends on your imagination.

There is an installation guide on the website for wedgerail, ironing board, drawer, shelf stiffener, etc.

Flexibility is also seen when someone is getting it designed. The company lets you choose the type of melamine you want. You can also select depth and width of the units. There are countless possible combinations of closets with the inclusion of shelving, doors, drawers, and baskets. This means you will get a unique design for your closet.

More often than not, the closets with these features are costly. But, this is not the case with LifeSpan Closets. These closets offer more cost effectiveness than wire shelving. This is why our custom closets are so popular throughout the USA. You can also make your dream closet through our software. Contact via email on or phone on 866-961-0004 to clarify your doubts.

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