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Why are custom closets from LifeSpan Closet better than wire shelving?

Wire shelving is quite popular among contractors and homeowners due to numerous benefits if offers. It can be conveniently assembled and is easy to use. It also costs less than conventional products in the market.  A lot of individuals feel that it looks fabulous in dining or open concept kitchen. But what if we tell you that there’s product in the market with better features than wire shelves?

Yes, Lifespan Closets, which is a Duluth, Minnesota-based firm, offers custom closets that boast advanced features than wire shelves. The very first feature is allowing the customers to create a custom closet design online. Though the company’s online software, you can select the wood color from multiple options available. You can then add units by selecting the type, width, and depth. This online software also tells the total price you have to pay for this product.

Talking about other features, the contractors feel that installing these closets is easier and faster than wire shelves. Also, you don’t have to worry about any damage to the walls, as no holes are needed in the closet, unlike in fixed wire shelving. If we talk about the money, Lifespan Closets are cost-effective when compared with adjustable wire shelves.

The company’s innovative wedgerail hanging system lets install and modify the closet quite easily, without any compromise with style and robustness. All these features make us so confident about these custom closets.

There’s one more surprise for you! With our Lifespan Closets, you get a limited lifetime warranty.

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