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Factors to consider before deciding between closed cabinets and open shelving

We usually get confused when we have to choose between open shelving and cabinets. The confusion gets bigger when you try to get the advice from your friends or through some online forums. But, don’t worry! We are here to help.

We will discuss every major factor to help you decide which the best option for you is.


Well, clutter is something that frustrates most of the individuals. With open shelving, the issue of clutter is difficult to manage. But, with cabinets, you can easily manage the clutter. This happens because something which is not visible (and hidden behind the doors) can’t give you stress.


If the overall appearance of your room is something that matters, you should go for closed cabinets. It makes the room look more functional and organized. This factor becomes crucial when you plan to sell your home.


If your budget is razor thin, sticking to open shelving is a wise idea. But, if budget is not a constraint, the priority should always be closed cabinets.

Size of the room

For master bedrooms and living rooms, closed cabinets work perfectly. This is because you get the space to open the doors easily. For kitchen area, custom closet systems are suitable. Organizing the stuff in the kitchen becomes easier with open shelving. You can also increase your storage options in the kitchen with open shelving.


You need to remove fur from clothes if they are placed openly. This happens if you have pets at home. But, if the clothes are stored in closed cabinets, then your clothes remain protected from fur and dust.

We believe that these factors will help you take the right decision without getting confused. If you are in search of latest custom closet designs in Minnesota, connect with our experts. You also get the facility to design your closet with the help of our online software.

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