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Feng Shui tips you can apply to your closet

From helping one have good social relationships to enhancing personal health, there are various things Feng Shui is associated with. You can also apply these techniques while arranging your closet.

Here’s how….

Make sure it’s clean

Start by emptying your closet. This should be followed by dusting it thoroughly. Also, clean the walls and sweep the floor. Leave the empty closet open for one or two days. Positive energy starts to flow with this technique.

Change the order

Place the clothes from left to right in this order:

  • Professional clothes
  • Casual wear
  • Creative wear
  • Formal wear
  • Clothes you wear on date

Every clothing type has its significance. For example, formal wear represents success, whereas work clothes stand for prosperity.

Match hanger with clothing type

Satin-cover hangers are suitable for lightweight dresses, whereas robust wood hangers can be used for suits or heavy blazers. This practice helps in enhancing feng shui flow.  You can also go for hooks to improve the organization of your closet.


We have written a whole blog post on how having a well-organized closet changes your life. Get rid of stuff that is stained, out of fashion, has an improper fitting, or is worn. You can give it for donation or sell it somewhere if you are getting a good offer.

It all begins by choosing a closet that lets you arrange the stuff as per your needs. This is where custom closet systems come into the picture. Note down your needs on paper, and analyze the size and partitions you will require for your clothes and other stuff. Use this analysis while designing your closet online. Due to the robust material used for closet making and online software, LifeSpan Closets has become the most popular custom closet company in the USA.

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