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Five accessories that can help in better closet organization

While building your dream closet, there are several factors that you shouldn’t ignore. One such factor is which accessories to select. If you search online, you might get confused with so many options available. We have a tie-up with Rev-A-Shelf and Sidelines Inc. for all your accessory needs. And to help in the selection process, we have listed top five accessories that will ease up the closet organization.

1)    Sliding baskets

These baskets are ideal for closets in laundry, kitchen, or pantry use. You can also use these baskets for placing toys of your kids. A good online store offers various luxury finishes like chrome and bronze.

2)    Tie racks

If you select swivel tie racks from Sidelines Inc., you can choose the best tie according to the occasion quite easily. This rack is constructed in such a manner that all the ties can be revealed at one time, thereby making the selection simple.

3)    Ironing board

It’s more of a necessity than an accessory. Save the time and hassle with a slide out and swivel ironing board. If you select the ironing board from Sidelines, you can easily swivel it into various positions within a radius of 90-degree.

4)    Mirror pullout for closet

This is one of unique accessories you will get from Rev-A-Shelf. This pullout mirror boasts a patent-pending design. Having an extruded handle, this mirror can be installed in a closet space with three plus inches of width. You can install using only eight screws. This is, definitely, one of the vital accessories to help you build your dream closet.

5)    Shoe organizers

We have already discussed in one of our blog posts how difficult it is to organize if you love collecting shoes. The shoe organizers from Rev-A-Shelf can solve this issue. You can choose from three-shelf or five-shelf design for your custom closet system.

All these accessories will let you declutter your home seamlessly and enhance the functionality of your closet. Keep checking this section for more updates from the realm of closets.

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