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Five custom closet designing tips

To get most out of your custom closet systems, you need to invest a little more time while finalizing the design. Through this blog post, we present closet designing tips to help you fulfill your storage needs.

  1. Include longer hanging sections

So, what purpose do they solve? These sections are suitable for less frequently used items. Corner spaces are ideal for this requirement, where you can place suits and formal dresses that are usually worn occasionally.

  1. Fold-out ironing board

Install this board near double hanging sections. You will find it quite efficient to prepare yourself for the day when ironing board and clothes are placed side-by-side. The time taken to iron clothes and hanging them up will be reduced substantially.

  1. The location of frequently used clothes should be priority

You should give priority to the space for clothes that are worn regularly. The wise idea is to use double hanging rods, as they offer sufficient space for your daily clothes. You can also keep your belts and place tie racks to reach them quickly while choosing the clothes.

  1. Use adjustable shelves if your priority changes

If you regularly change your priorities and love purchasing a lot of clothes and accessories, go for adjustable shelves. These shelves ensure there is no space wastage.

  1. Slide-out belt rack

More often than not, the individuals settle for stationary hooks, clothing hangers, and curtain rings for hanging the ties. These are quite practical solutions, but if you are looking for something classy, go for slide-out belt racks. You can reach your ties easily and also keep them in view.

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