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Which hangers to choose while ordering your dream closet?

Choosing the right set of hangers for your closet is as important as taking the support of professionals to make your dream closet. You need to keep in mind important factors like fabrics, size, and type of hanger you are choosing. To help in this process, we have listed some essential hanger types you can choose from.

Wire hangers

These are popular among dry cleaning service providers. These hangers are fine for short-term needs. If you want hangers to support your clothing for long time, you should avoid wire hangers. These hangers collapse due to the weight of heavy garments. There is a possibility that the shoulder of your shirts will have marks left by these hangers.

Plastic Hangers

They are often considered the alternative for wire hangers. These hangers don’t leave marks, as they have rounded shoulders instead of sharp edges. The durability is also more than wire hangers.

Wood Hangers

They are perfect for heavy garments like jackets, coats, and suits, due to the durability they offer. These hangers hold their shape irrespective of fabric they are holding. Wood hangers are mainly made of walnut, ash, or cherry. They are wider than plastic/wire hangers. This ensures no rubbing of clothes takes place when the clothes are stored in a custom closet system.

Padded hangers

You must have already guessed that these hangers add a hint of luxury to your closet. These hangers are suitable for delicate garments, as clothes don’t slide from them. People prefer keeping delicate garments like nightgowns on them. For some individuals, it is a necessary item for their dream closet.

Cedar Hangers

They have a special feature of repelling moths and their larvae. This means your clothes are not affected by these insects. Another quality is that the scents they exude hide the odors. They also prevent growing of mold and mildew.

Choose the best one matching your needs. You trust us to make your dream closet that combines all the features that match your needs and expectations.

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