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How to keep your closet smelling great?

You must be wondering: Why do I need to ensure that closet smells great?

This is because a great smelling closet translates into great smelling clothes. No doubt the clothes smell fresh when you bring them after laundry. But, do they stay fresh in the custom closet systems after few days? The answer is No. To make it a ‘Yes,’ you need to follow these tricks.

Fragrance oils

You must have already used them to rejuvenate your mind and body. Now, it’s time to use fragrance oils for restoring the freshness of your closet and clothes. Mix some drops of oil and water, and spray on the clothes.


Keep potpourri in the corners of the closets to get rid of odors. For better results, put the potpourri in tissue paper and keep various wrappings in a basket.

Reuse the dryer sheet

A dryer sheet, after a wash, retains aroma that can be used to make your clothes and closet smell good. You can stick a sheet in the dressers’ corners and few articles of clothing.

Air fresheners

Instead of throwing your air freshener after using for some period, tuck it in your closet. A weak air freshener is more effective in a closet or drawer rather than a large space.


Yes, you have read it right. This form of alcohol is actually effective in keeping bad odors in old clothing. You need to mix equal amount of water and vodka and spray on clothes using spray bottle.

Through these blog posts, we aim to help you maintain your closets. We also help you by allowing you to build your own custom closets.

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