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Why is Melamine a good option for your custom closets?

We, at LifeSpan Closets, have recently introduced colored melamine for the shelving of your custom closets. You can check these options when you custom closet online.

Through this blog post, we have shared some benefits of using melamine.

Here we go…

Resistant to heat

Several materials start to degrade at high-temperature conditions. Conversely, melamine withstands heat. You will not face issues like fading or cracking with melamine.


Doesn’t it feel good to use a material that’s not harming the environment? Well, melamine is one of those materials. It is applied to particle board. The particle board is produced using recycled material. Tree products, which are otherwise wasted, are also used in the manufacturing process. Therefore, it has a minimum impact on forests.

 Resistant to dents and scratches

The melamine is made using hardened resin. This creates an outer layer that is impenetrable, thereby resistant to chipping, dents, and scratches. These cabinets are not affected by heavy usage. You can also wipe it clean quite easily.


If you use boots, baskets, drawers, and hangers regularly, the chances are that hardwood can get scratched. Melamine, on the other hand, is more durable.

Multiple options

You can choose from different options when it comes to melamine. This ensures that looks of your closet are not compromised.

These benefits show why you must consider melamine while getting your closet designed. When designing custom closet online, you can choose from colored melamine and textured melamine.

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