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Storage ideas for individuals who are shoe obsessed

If you are a passionate shoe lover, the chances are that you face challenges related to storage of shoes. More often than not, the conventional closet shelving design fails to satisfy your shoe storage-related requirements.

You can follow these tips to increase the storage space without any compromise with the love for footwear.


It is the most obvious and highly effective ideas for efficient storage. Get the shelving customized for the shoes. Make sure the shelves are designed in such a manner that vertical space is not wasted. To get a modern look, try open shelving. Open shelving also helps see your whole collection at once.

Use wire hangers

This idea is suitable if you don’t want to invest in a new closet. Use pliers to convert wire hangers to place your shoes. Arranging and selecting the shoes becomes comfortable with this idea. But yeah, it doesn’t look as classy as closets.

Use old wine crates

This is another idea where you have to spend minimally. Just modify your wine crate a bit according to your needs, and your shoe rack is ready to use.

Arrange shoes alternately

By placing the shoe of every pair in an alternative manner, you can minimize wastage. This idea ensures you don’t face difficulties while taking out the pair you like.

Design your own closet

Well, one thing is for sure. Nothing can beat a customized closet when it comes to storing a vast collection of shoes. The customized closets are more robust, visually appealing, and efficient than other storage options. Therefore, you must design your own closet by analyzing your requirements.

We, at LifeSpan Closets, have helped various customers who wanted closets, especially for their shoes. You can also design your own closet using our online software.

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