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Three popular closet designs

Before purchasing your custom closet designed, you need to be aware of the closet designs that are trending presently. To help know more about these designs, we discuss the features of three popular designs.

1)    Walk-in closets

As the name suggests, their primary feature is to allow the individuals to go into the closet. The popularity of these closets is due to space and depth they offer. Some closets have an area of few square feet while others are as big as a room. There can be a center island in this type to get the most out of storage area on the walls.

2)    Reach-in closets

The presence of features like drawers, poles, open shelving, and compartments make the reach-in closets quite popular. This is mainly used in bedrooms and corridors. If arranged properly, these closets have the capacity to store a lot of stuff. In the early days, a single rod was used in these closets. Several closets come with drawer systems and cube organizers in the modern designs. These organizers make it simple to store devices and folded products.

3)    Wardrobes

Armoires and wardrobes are the most popular forms of closets. They are mainly found in bedrooms. Due to the presence of baskets, poles, pull-out racks, and different compartments, they are quite popular.

Every closet type has countless designs and styles to match the budget and lifestyle of the individuals. If you are looking for custom closet designs in Minnesota, you can contact us. We, at LifeSpan Closets, develop premium quality closets with the design of your choice. You can select the size, dimensions, color, melamine-type, and other aspects while designing it online. The company’s online software makes it extremely simple to get the closet designed.

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