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Tips for organizing closet of your kids

Organizing your kids’ closet is often more challenging than arranging your own. To ensure that the closet of your kids remains clutter free, and they use it with without any struggle, follow these closet organization tips:

Use bungee cords

You can utilize bungee cords for holding sports equipment and toys in a single place. These cords let you access the loose items easily.

Have a hanging system

Your kids will find it very easy to pick their clothes if you hang the clothes by category. These categories include tank tops, long sleeve, short sleeve, and pants.

Decorate it

Use accessories that you think will appeal to your kids. You can also paint the closet wall with the color that your kids love. Another idea is to use stickers or posters with superheroes or popular animated characters printed on them.

Label the drawers

To ensure your kids don’t get confused while finding the stuff they are looking for, go for labeling. Usually, label maker is used for the purpose, but you can also print the words on paper. Choose a font that you think your children will like. Make sure the words are clearly visible.

Use open shelving for shoes

You can make sure the shoes don’t end in a pile by storing them on open shelving. The shoes will remain clean with the help of this shelving, and your kids can easily locate them.

Go for custom closet systems

Use our online software to design to custom design the closet that matches your children’s needs. You can include baskets and drawers with the size of your choice.

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