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Top tips for effective closet design and organization

Majority of individuals, in the present scenario, prefer custom closets over the ones available in the showrooms. This ensures there is no wastage of storage and you get maximum worth of what you have paid. Some individuals also attempt DIY, but it can deliver average results and can be risky, too. On the other hand, custom closets designed by professionals ensure the use of finest material and application of finest craftsmanship.

Check these tips to ensure your closet all your storage needs.

Examine your needs

The very thing related to planning about closet design is examining your needs. You need to consider all things that you plan to organize and store. This is an important analysis because every clothing category has unique storage needs. Bulky stuff like winter clothes are ideally stored on shelves/drawers, whereas the shirts and tees are usually stored using hangers.

Analyze the space

This is the next step after deciding what needs to be stored in the closet. If you have a whole room to be used for storage purpose, go for walk-in closet. If the area is limited, reach-in closet is your best bet. Also, check the lighting in the room. If lighting is limited, consider adding an additional light fixture.

Review all the possibilities

Analyze the pros and cons of different configurations and design elements, including size, color, number of shelving and drawers, etc. Check all the permutations and combinations to finalize the best one.

Connect with a trusted closet maker

A trusted custom closet system designer ensures the material is of the finest quality and the processes used for developing the closet ensure that it lasts long. A good closet maker will also guide you on how to get the best design according to your budget and space.

LifeSpan Closets is one such maker of closets that ensures that customers are fully satisfied. It comes with all the features discussed in the above point, along with numerous other benefits.

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