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What to do with your unwanted clothes and accessories?

When you built your dream closet with the help of a renowned closet maker, you get a chance to minimize the space wastage. But in spite of a spacious and efficiently designed closet, you may face storage issues after some time. No, it is not the fault of a customer closet system, it happens because of the unwanted clothes, accessories, and shoes. So, how to get rid of them?

Donate them

What’s the better idea than helping the community by donating the clothes you don’t use anymore? Just Google “Charity Shops Near Me” to find charity shops in your city.

Put them in recycling areas

There are recycling areas in various supermarkets to put your shoes and clothing. This is a good alternative if charity shops don’t accept your old clothes.

Swap with your friends

We bet your friends must be having some clothes they are bored of. You can swap your clothes with those of your friends.’ This will prevent you from spending too much for buying different apparels. This will also give an excuse to hang out with your friends.

Sell them online

There are numerous online stores that let you sell your used clothes against a good amount of money. If you can’t any good portal, try selling them on eBay. There are even some brick-and-mortar stores that give you handsome money in exchange for your clothes.


You can repurpose your old clothes, which is always a better option than throwing them away. If you are creative enough, there are endless possibilities. For example, you can turn a dress into a skirt.

Conclusion: All these methods are surely going to increase the storage space in your closet. If you are looking for custom closet systems for all your needs, check the ones offered by Lifespan. Read how you can design the closets online here.

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