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Decluttering makes you happier

Perhaps you have read several self-help books and watched numerous motivational videos to attain happiness. But, do you know that something as simple as decluttering can make you happy? It’s not just an opinion of few individuals. Various research reports have verified the link between cleanliness and your happiness.

For example, The University of California, in one of its study, showed that a cluttered home possibly interfered with the synthesis of the de-stressing hormone, cortisol, in a human body. This mainly happens because people start thinking about cleaning it, which adds to the already existing stress of work or relationships.

Even the renowned author Dale Carnegie in his book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” touched the importance of a decluttered workstation. Well, the importance is applicable in homes, too.

How to do it in your tough and busy life?

Start by dedicating small chunks of time during a weekend for cleaning purpose. Extend the time gradually by selecting different tasks. Fix your bed immediately after you get dressed.

Take the help of closets. Closet shelving is a savior when it comes to organizing your home. The good idea is to go for custom closet systems that allow proper organization of the stuff. By using the drawers, shelves, baskets, and racks, you can also reduce your time, which is otherwise spent on finding the stuff. Do you know that an average American spends a whole year of his/her life searching for misplaced or lost items? This is what U.S. News and World Report informed.

Well, you don’t have to be that average individual if you make the proper use of closets and other storage areas in your home.

We, at Lifespan Closets, help you build your dream closet through our online tool. Read more about this tool here.

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