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Our Newest, Most Advanced, User Friendly Catalog

Additional Functionality

Multiple new functions for faster use & identification. Addressed known bugs

Ease of Use

drag & drop elements, auto fit-to dimensions, and one click order

Advanced Reporting

Accurate sizing down to .001 / Clear QTY grouping & location 

Updated Pricing

Accurate pricing across all platforms 

2020 Closets - Features & Accreditation -

Lifespan is a featured closet manufacturing company w/ 2020 design, and hold a long standing relationship with the company. 

In fact, they even use our catalog to advertise for the closets add-on! Which you can view here 

( you will see many photos taken directly from our catalog & renderings, as well as catalog use inside the how-to videos ) 

For more information about catalog release, updates, training, and features... 

An don't forget to check back here and there for updates/changes or just to re-download our catalog -  (Why is this important?) 

Everytime time we want to change, even one aspect, of our catalog, we must re-issue a new version.


Lfspn 20', Closets Catalog - 6/9/20 

  • Click below to download the latest version of our 2020 catalog
  • Remember, you must have the "closets" version in order to use this catalog
  • Before installing, make sure to delete ANY older versions of the catalog
  • If you experience any issues using the new features please contact support  
  • Current version 12.1.10 of 2020 design w/ closet add-on 

How To's & Help

  • Installing a catalog in 2020
  • Sending design to a customer 
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