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2020 Design Catalog

Catalog Updates –              Lifespan is proud to announce a few new updates to it’s arsenal of tools –   2020 design catalog update available now via              updated product pricing, more accurate reporting, easier to use drag & drop menus & more – 2018 product catalog for use w/ our online design […]

DIY or professionally designed custom closet systems

When it’s time to remodel your home, closets are one of the things that a resident considers. Well, even if the need for more storage area arises, the individuals consider buying a more massive closet. In the present scenario, a lot of individuals consider custom closets as the wisest option. But, they get confused on […]

Five accessories that can help in better closet organization

While building your dream closet, there are several factors that you shouldn’t ignore. One such factor is which accessories to select. If you search online, you might get confused with so many options available. We have a tie-up with Rev-A-Shelf and Sidelines Inc. for all your accessory needs. And to help in the selection process, […]

Top tips for effective closet design and organization

Majority of individuals, in the present scenario, prefer custom closets over the ones available in the showrooms. This ensures there is no wastage of storage and you get maximum worth of what you have paid. Some individuals also attempt DIY, but it can deliver average results and can be risky, too. On the other hand, […]

Factors to consider before deciding between closed cabinets and open shelving

We usually get confused when we have to choose between open shelving and cabinets. The confusion gets bigger when you try to get the advice from your friends or through some online forums. But, don’t worry! We are here to help. We will discuss every major factor to help you decide which the best option […]

Top tips to organize your out of season clothes

At season changes, an individual needs to store his/her out of season clothes. This is where your closet organization comes into play. At LifeSpan Closets, we are the experts of closet organization. And, to make sure this task does not trouble you, we have listed some tips to help you organize out of season clothes. […]

Storage ideas for individuals who are shoe obsessed

If you are a passionate shoe lover, the chances are that you face challenges related to storage of shoes. More often than not, the conventional closet shelving design fails to satisfy your shoe storage-related requirements. You can follow these tips to increase the storage space without any compromise with the love for footwear. Shelving It […]

Three areas of your home where you can use custom closets

One of the common issues a homeowner faces is a lack of storage space. In some smaller homes, there is actually insufficient storage space. In some homes, space is not efficiently available for storing the stuff due to odd structure. Whatever may be the reason, the issues like clutter and difficulty in accessing the items […]

How clutter results in wastage of money and time?

Being organized has more benefits than you have imagined. This approach keeps your home clutter free, saves your time, saves your money and ensures you access your stuff easily. Conversely, clutter causes wastage of time and money. Here we discuss how: A lot of time is wasted on searching your stuff Did you know that […]

Which hangers to choose while ordering your dream closet?

Choosing the right set of hangers for your closet is as important as taking the support of professionals to make your dream closet. You need to keep in mind important factors like fabrics, size, and type of hanger you are choosing. To help in this process, we have listed some essential hanger types you can […]

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