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Frequently asked questions on our custom closets

Everyone expects his or her closet to be of perfect. A lot of customers face confusion on features associated with the custom closets manufactured by us.

Through this blog post, we have answered some questions that often confuse our customers.

Does the cost of closet change with the change in melamine type?

Yes, the cost varies with the change in the melamine option. White is the most economical option followed by other colored melamine options. The textured melamine is a bit costlier than colored ones.

How to install the closet?

Our patent-pending system allows you install the closet quite easily.

  1. Top rail is mounted to the wall.
  2. Bottom rail is mounted to the wall.
  3. Partitions are hanged.
  4. Shelving is added with clips.
  5. Closet rods are added with closet rod connectors.
  6. Shelves are adjusted without need of tools

What is limited lifetime warranty?

We offer warranty against material, manufacturing or craftsmanship defects if it properly used and maintained. The warranty is not applicable if product is modified, misused, or altered. Also, normal wear or discoloration of finishes does not come under the warranty.

What are the widths and depths of shelves?             

The widths of standard shelve include 48”, 36”, 24”, 30”, and 18”. The depths of standard shelves include 24”, 18”, and 14”.

What accessories are available with the closet?

You can choose from pant-racks, tie holders, drawers, wine racks, etc. We offer accessories from online stores Sidelines and Rev-a-Shelf.

Where are the offline (retail) stores for Lifespan located?

Our custom closets are available in retail stores from 15 states of the USA. You can get name, address and phone number through map markers from here.

We hope these questions have resolved a lot of your opaqueness related to our products. Keep checking this space for more information on our products.

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