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Top tips to organize your out of season clothes

At season changes, an individual needs to store his/her out of season clothes. This is where your closet organization comes into play.

At LifeSpan Closets, we are the experts of closet organization. And, to make sure this task does not trouble you, we have listed some tips to help you organize out of season clothes.

Clean the clothes

Most of us store the clothes without thinking about cleaning them. But, this practice reduces the life of clothes and makes them prone to some degree of damage. Take your clothes for dry cleaning or wash them before placing them in a closet for a season.

Even shoes require cleaning

Cleaning before storage is not just limited to clothes. Even your shoes need buffing and cleaning so that scratches and dirt are removed.

Identify the areas for storage

After you have decided what you have to store, you should identify where it will be stored. Usually, it is advised to have extra closet shelving while getting your closet designed. This will be used throughout the year, as there isn’t any time when you don’t need to store off-season clothes.

Wardrobe lift is a nice accessory to store your stuff if you closet possesses sufficient vertical space. You can keep your sweaters and long-sleeve shirts in drawers or boxes. Multipurpose furniture pieces also become useful when it’s time to store your clothes.

Don’t forget to keep your clothes fresh

You have selected what to store and how to store. Now, it’s time to ensure that your clothes remain fresh during their hibernation period. Keep the silky stuff free of wrinkles by using proper hangers. Place your suits on sturdy wooden hangers to maintain its shape.

Mothballs and cedarwood ensure your clothes are protected from insects. Place the shoes and leather purses in a dust bag to keep the dust away.

If you follow these steps, what you will get after the season is fresh clothes that you can use to flaunt your style.

To get custom closets with additional closet shelving for out of season clothes, connect with one of our experts via phone: 866-961-0004.

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